Diverse Faiths

Clarkston Interfaith Group: Facebook Page

This partnership-based organization hosts public awareness programs and seeks to foster harmony within the Clarkston community through mutual respect, understanding and connection.

Faith Communities in the City of Clarkston
(Also see the list beneath Space-Sharing Congregations.)

Christ Community Clarkston: Home Page
Clarkston First Baptist Church: Home Page
Clarkston International Bible Church: Home Page (See notes below.)
Clarkston United Methodist Church: Home Page (See notes below.)
Debre Bisrat Gabriel: Home Page
Masjid Al-Momineen: Home Page
Masjid Nejashi (formerly Islamic Community of Bosnians): no website identified
Truc Lam Buddhist Meditation Temple of Georgia: no website identified
Vietnamese Faith Baptist Church: no website identified

Space-Sharing Congregations:

Clarkston International Bible Church
Hosts the following on-site churches:
Atlanta Nepali Christian Church, Bhutanese Apostolic Church, Caring Believers Bible Fellowship [Liberian], Karen Christian Fellowship, Sudanese Christian Missionary Church, Living Hope Mission Church [Rwandan]

Clarkston United Methodist Church
Offers an Eritrean service and hosts the following on-site churches:
Light Mission Pentecostal Church [Burundian], Mara Community Church [Burmese], Zo Immanuel Church [Burmese], Seventh Day Adventist Church [Burmese – Karen Group], Seventh Day Adventist Church [Burmese – Chin Group]


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