About Clarkston

New Siding … Angora Heights … Goatsville (Yes, Goatsville!)

Portrait Of GoatTake a look at Clarkston’s old monikers, and one thing becomes clear.  This town has character.  Clarkston – an early railroad stop with freight routes to Athens, Augusta, and South Carolina – was also popular with commuters shuttling to Atlanta.  What gives this “Small Town with a Big Heart” such a unique point of view?  Come visit and explore the most intriguing spot in Metro Atlanta.

One Town, Many Worlds

Clarkston is similar, in some ways, to many small communities that make up metropolitan Atlanta. It has a modest downtown area, a pleasant city park, and a mix of older cottages, suburban development, and apartment complexes. But there the similarity ends. Clarkston, dubbed “the most diverse square mile in America” by Time magazine, stands out today for its mix of residents and adaptability to change.

Although Clarkston has grown physically larger since then, it still boasts a dazzling range of cultures for a town of its size. As one of the primary areas that receive and assimilate refugees into American life, Clarkston now has residents from an estimated 45 countries, including Burma / Myanmar, Bhutan, Somalia, Iraq, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Iraq, Congo Afghanistan, Burundi and many more.

Every refugee has a new story to tell, a story that too often includes war, violence, danger, and unimaginable hardship.  But to all these newcomers, Clarkston represents the chance to start again, a chance to build a safe, secure and hope-filled life in this new and foreign country.

City of Clarkston
DeKalb County, Georgia
Atlanta Regional Commission
Georgia Coalition of Refugee Service Agencies
Cultural Orientation Resource Center


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